How to choose your lawyer

choose your lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. Finding a good family law lawyer to represent you is decisive for the mission that you will entrust to him. To find it, several criteria are necessary. Here are the main ones to respect so that you can choose the best lawyer for your situation.

General lawyer or lawyer specializing in family law?

Do you want to resolve a family dispute, but hesitate between a generalist lawyer and a specialist? Depending on your situation, a family law attorney would be the best choice. Whether it is an amicable divorce lawyer in Marseille or other, choosing a specialized lawyer increases your chances of winning this conflict.

Choose a family law attorney

There are several advantages to turning to a specialized lawyer. On the one hand, this means that he is competent in the field and that he masters the procedures in question. Indeed, as a specialist, he must be used to problems like yours. With his experience, he will therefore have a greater ease in getting you out of trouble. Moreover, as it is his specialty, the lawyer is always on the lookout for new developments in his field.

Find out about the profile of your family law lawyer

It is equally important to know a minimum of your lawyer’s profile before engaging with him. First, to get a list of the different lawyers, you can get information at the town hall, by word of mouth or by searching on the Internet. Moreover, as today many lawyers have websites, you can take the opportunity to find out about their reputation and know-how online. Indeed, reputation is an important criterion in choosing a lawyer. Depending on what your entourage will tell you or the opinions you find on the Internet, you can already decide. However, be sure to remain objective in your judgments. When you see a negative review, look for more.

What are his experiences and skills?

Similarly, when a professional is recommended to you, check the skills of the lawyer to handle your case before calling on him. Of course, lawyers all have a minimum level, that is to say a Master 1 in law, but they do not have the same skills. In general, in addition to their university degree, lawyers also have the CAPA certificate. Then, they are free to specialize by justifying a minimum of 4 years of practice.

To defend yourself, choose a lawyer with experience.

Moreover, to find the right family law lawyer in Marseille, know that legal knowledge is not always enough. Human and relational skills are just as important to be a good lawyer.

Find out about the fees of different family law lawyers

In your quest to find the right lawyer, you will also need to find out about the lawyer’s fees. You can do this on online platforms or ask the person concerned directly during an appointment.

Family law lawyer fees in Marseille vary according to several factors: the size of the firm, its notoriety, the experience of the lawyer, the costs of expertise and travel, etc. All its elements must be mentioned in the fee agreement, a contract between you and the lawyer.

For those who do not have the means, legal aid in France can cover part or all of the fees.

There are several additional tips for choosing the right family law attorney. In particular, you can assess their responsiveness, their ability to listen, their availability… If you are looking for an amicable divorce lawyer in Marseille , contact Maître Oriane LOBBENS , a lawyer specializing in family law since 2011.



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